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Used Boat Parts Available to Kent Boat Owners

Looking for high-quality used boat parts? Get in touch with Wright’s Marine. Founded in 1938, our company is a leading name in the boat repair and maintenance industry of Kent, WA. We have always striven to make it easy for boaters to maintain efficient vessels.

We have a dedicated Parts & Service department to supply boat parts, accessories & equipment.

Along with new boat parts, we carry a large stock of used boat parts to help Kent boat owners save good money on boat tune ups and repair. We offer:

  • Parts for almost all types of big and small boats
  • Used boat parts in excellent condition, with years of life still left
  • Affordable prices for used boat supplies and parts

Our used boat parts ensure that Kent boat owners do not have to buy entire kits while getting their watercraft fixed. Moreover, with our extensive inventory of commonly-available and hard-to-find used boat parts, Kent residents do not have to wait long to get their boat back on water.

Boat Winterization Services to Protect Kent Boats

We also offer boat tune up and boat winterization services for Kent residents to help them keep their boats in top shape. As the boating season ends and winter approaches, every boat should be winterized and stored carefully.

Our highly trained technicians ensure proper boat winterization so that Kent boats last through the frigid winter season without any damage. This meticulous boat winterization helps:

  • Maintain structural and mechanical integrity of the boat
  • Prolong lifespan of the vessel
  • Save boat owners from expensive repairs

We ensure that the boat winterization services for Kent boat owners are carried out diligently by experienced technicians who know what all goes into the job.

Boat Tune Up Services for Optimum Performance of Kent Boats

Just as important as annual boat winterization, is a regular boat tune up. Kent residents who get their boat tuned up at scheduled intervals by our skilled technicians can be sure of enjoying problem-free and risk-free use.

We provide thorough boat tune up services that allow our Kent customers to extract optimal performance from their boats throughout the boating season. Our tune ups include:

  • Inspecting battery
  • Replacing spark plug
  • Oil/filter change
  • Flushing out drive

Issues that are uncovered during the boat tune up are resolved by our technicians with appropriate repairs.

Come to Wright’s Marine for great deals on top-notch used boat parts. Kent residents can also visit us for a boat tune up and boat winterization services. Call (253) 627-1579.