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Used Boat Parts Available to Des Moines Boat Owners

Used boat parts in Des Moines, WA are a great option for older boats where manufacturers have discontinued making parts, or for some that are searching for cost-effective alternatives to expensive replacement parts for their boats. At Wrights Marine, we follow a different approach to used boat parts in Des Moines. We want to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and are coming back for more.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions regarding used boat parts. We have a large selection of used boat parts for sale in Des Moines, including:

  • Engines
  • Pumps
  • Pulleys
  • Drives
  • Brackets

Boat Winterization Services to Protect Des Moines Boats

Boat winterization in Des Moines is extremely important to ensure your boat runs safely and soundly for years to come. Winterizing also prevents gunk from building up in the boat engine which can cause it to run inefficiently, or worse, cause it to seize up.

If you are looking for boat winterization services in Des Moines, look no further. We have trained and experienced professionals familiar with the ins and outs of preparing your boat and protecting it during the colder months. Our professionals provide quality boat winterization services in Des Moines, including:

  • Outboard winterization
  • Stern-Drive winterization
  • Inboard winterization

Do not delay any further. Your boat is one of your valuable investments. You can count on our boat weatherization services in Des Moines to prepare your boat for the winter season.

Boat Tune Up Services for Optimum Performance of Des Moines Boats

We provide boat tune up services in Des Moines. From outboard to inboard tune up, we offer a wide range of boat tune up services in Des Moines to ensure your boat keeps on running efficiently. Our goal is, and has always been to provide quality boat tune up services at a fair price.

When the time comes for a boat tune up in Des Moines, our professionals will provide you the peace of mind which comes from knowing that everything in your boat is in perfect running order before it gets back on the water. We recommend:

  • Replacing the spark plugs
  • Cleaning the fuel system
  • Lubricating all the moving parts

If you are looking for boat winterization or boat tune up services in Des Moines, give Wrights Marine a call at (253) 627-1579. We also sell used boat parts.